Whitsunday Yacht Charter Vacation: Things you must never forget

Your Whitsunday yacht charter vacation will be a blast because of the nature of the experience. You get to see breathtaking natural sites, sail on the vast azure sea, plunge into the inviting clear water, snorkel with the turquoises and clown fishes, kayak with your special someone, or feel the adrenalin on a jet ski. All of these will not be fun or possible at all if you forgot some very important things

Here are the things you must never forget to bring on your Whitsundays yacht charter:

1. Food and Drinks. This is basic. But the thing is, you should bring extra food and drink. If you are to sail for two days, bring food that would last for three days. You will never know how hungry and thirsty you and your family could get after an exhilarating and exhausting time fishing, snorkeling, swimming, or diving.

2. Safety Kit or First Aid Kit. You will never know when accidents and injuries can occur, so it is always wise to be prepared at all times. Sometimes, such untoward happenings take place when you are having much fun, when you are less aware of danger. Bring medicines for headaches, stomach aches, and muscle pains. Also bring insect repellents of all sorts. Bring one applicable for different insect bites and rash.

3. Mobile Phones. Since you will be out in the wide open ocean, you need to have at least a means of communication with someone on land in case of emergencies. Bring at least two mobile phones with you. Whether your charter yacht has radios or any communication system, it is always wise to have an alternative solution in case a communication device breaks down.

4. Shades and Hats. Since you will get a lot of sunlight, you need to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Bring sunscreen cream suitable for your skin tone. If you are fair skinned, you need a higher SPF, and a lower SPF when you are dark skinned. Also, bring scarfs to protect your neck and shoulders when you are just hanging out on board your charter yacht.

5. Camera or Video Camera. All great memories you will be creating on your Whitsunday yacht charter experience would be more memorable if you have captured each great moment with a digital camera or video camera. So never ever forget one! It is also exciting to take photos underwater, so consider getting an underwater camera.

6. Water Toys. Of course, sailing Whitsundays would not be complete without such toys.

To hire the best yacht at a price you will be happy about, visit the official Cumberland Charter Yachts website at http://www.ccy.com.au/


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